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Reasons to Pay Attention to Dust Buildup

September 2, 2020

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large house, you’re bound to have some dust accumulation somewhere in your home. Dust tends to collect in places you can’t see or reach, like underneath furniture. This is a problem because dust can be incredibly detrimental to your health! Continue... View Article

How Airbnb Has Transformed to Protect People from Infection

August 25, 2020

Unless you absolutely have to, travel is a risky proposition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we all know the importance of staying home to slow the spread of the virus, life hasn’t completely stopped for anyone. From family to work obligations, sometimes travel is unavoidable. That begs a couple questions:... View Article

Tips to Improve the Care of Your Elderly Parents

August 11, 2020

Taking care of your elderly parents can be a difficult job, especially when you have work and a family of your own. It’s a full-time job, and some people are surprised to learn how much cleaning factors into it. Whether you’re keeping an eye on them “just in case,” or... View Article

How to Handle a Moldy Bath Mat

July 28, 2020

Any Washington resident can tell you that while there are numerous benefits to living in the Evergreen State, a lack of humidity isn’t one of them. Every year, day in and day out, moisture hangs in the air around us. The problem is particularly tough on your bathroom. When you... View Article