How Dust Affects Electronics

How Dust Affects Electronics

June 5, 2019

Everyone knows that water and fluids spell certain doom for most electronics. Fewer people, however, are aware of the risks that dust can pose to their electronic equipment. Everything from your refrigerator to your smart phone could be adversely impacted by the presence of dust.

Over time, dust can make its way into your electronic equipment, reducing conductivity as well as preventing heat transfer and airflow.

Additionally, dust is detrimental to human health. Dust can cause allergic reactions, and it may carry spores from fungi and mold that could lead to serious health concerns if left untreated.

Hiring a dust cleaning service in Walla Walla County, WA is the best way to mitigate dust in your home and provide yourself with a clean, healthy living environment. A dust cleaning professional can provide you with the tools and services necessary to overcome any dusts that are in your environment.

Dust damage

There are a number of ways that dust can damage electronic equipment if left uncontrolled. For example, dust can contain minute particles of moisture or oil that may short chips inside your electronic gear. Dust can also contain small amounts of minerals or carbon-based debris. Anything that might act as a conductor, or prevent conduction of electricity, could cause serious damage to the internal workings of sensitive electronics gear, like computers, smart phones and more.

Dust accumulation can also block the conduction of heat on larger appliances, like tower computers and refrigerators. If there’s a significant amount of dust on the cooling coils of your refrigerator, for example, it could be adversely impacting your fridge’s performance and forcing the motor to work harder. This could shorten the lifespan of your fridge and elevate your energy expenditures.

Managing electronics dust

There are several cleaning methods and mitigation strategies that you can employ that will help you reduce the possibility of damaging your electronics through dust exposure.

With larger electronic appliances, like refrigerators, you should take the time to clean the coils at least once each month. Use a dry cloth to wipe the coils down, and then use a vacuum with a high-efficiency filter to remove excess dust from the area surrounding your fridge.

It’s much more challenging to control dust surrounding small electronics. However, you should take the time to clean out your computer’s keyboard with a forced-air canister at least once a month. This is especially important if you have a laptop, because your keyboard sits directly on top of the computer’s motherboard.

It’s also important to generally minimize the amount of dust that’s present in your home. Reaching out for help from a dust cleaning service in Walla Walla County, WA is one of the most effective ways that you can reduce ambient dust in your space.

Since 2000, Supreme Cleaning Services has been a premier provider of dust cleaning services in Walla Walla County, WA. We’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality residential and commercial cleaning. We offer a full-service approach to cleaning, including dust mitigation. To learn more about ways that we can help you reduce the ambient dust in your home, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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