How to Manage Your Pet's Shedding to Keep a Clean Home

How to Manage Your Pet’s Shedding to Keep a Clean Home

November 6, 2019

Your dog or cat is adorable, of course, but having a fuzzy housemate can present some annoying pet hair problems. Like humans, pets can seem shed their fur at a somewhat alarming rate, and it can quickly take over your house and cleaning schedule. No one wants to go out with white pet hair all over their dark clothes, but it can be a chore to stay on top of it. Instead of giving up, try proactively handling the problem—and if you want to leave it to the pros, let Supreme Cleaning Services clean up the effects of your pets shedding in Walla Walla County, WA.

Pets shed the most in the spring, thanks to sunlight-driven hormones that signal their winter coat is no longer needed. Excessive shedding can also happen in the event of illness, stress or worry—if your pet is anxious or you’ve just moved into a new place, that can make things a little more difficult for your pet, and thereby make your home seem like it’s coated in a new layer of fur.

There’s no way to completely prevent your pets from shedding, but you can manage it:

  • Good nutrition is key: The better your pet’s health is, the less they’ll shed. Make sure that your dog or cat is getting all the nutrition it needs to promote healthy skin and a clean coat.
  • Brush, brush, brush: Like humans, pets need their hair brushed, too. Regularly brushing your dog or cat allows you to proactively collect pet hair before it can be deposited all over your bed or clothing.
  • Lint rollers can help clean up: Make sure you have a lint roller or two on hand. They’re great for quick touch-ups, including on your clothes. Keep them by the front door for emergency once-overs and in each room of the house that your pet can access.
  • Automatic vacuums: Automatic vacuums like the Roomba have been a godsend for pet owners. With their help, you can vacuum up excessive pet hair without having to take time out of your busy schedule or drag a heavy vacuum cleaner out of the closet every day. Setting it to vacuum once per day will help you stay on top of the shedding problem.
  • Cover your furniture: Who doesn’t like to kick back on the couch whenever possible? Your pets probably do, so we recommend using blankets or sheets on your furniture when you’re home alone. When company comes over, all you have to do is take the sheet off. Any hair that remains can be taken care of by a lint roller.

Professional cleaning can help with pet hair problems in Walla Walla County, WA

We know you love your pets, but keeping up with their shedding can be a drain on your time and wallet. Whether for a one-time cleaning or routine house cleaning services, Supreme Cleaning Services is ready to help with cleaning up pet hair in Walla Walla County, WA. Our cleaning capabilities extend to all rooms, and we can handle any challenge you have. Call us today to schedule your first cleaning appointment.

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