What Is Dust Made of, and Why Does It Need to Be Cleaned?

What Is Dust Made of, and Why Does It Need to Be Cleaned?

November 20, 2019

Staying on top of dust in your home probably feels like a never-ending battle, particularly if you like to keep your windows and doors open to let in a cool breeze. With the fresh air comes fresh dirt. You might not notice it right away, but we’ve all experienced that moment when the sunlight hits just right and reveals a coating of dust that wasn’t apparent earlier. You might be the world’s biggest neat freak, but you’ll never completely eradicate dust—it’s everywhere.

Instead of putting dusting on your to-do list, why not let the professionals handle it? Supreme Cleaning Services is happy to take care of your dusting in Walla Walla County, WA. In addition to helping you find strategies to keep dust down, we can also share some fun facts about this ever-present substance. Here’s a closer look at what dust really is:

  • Pet hair and dander: Your pets shed not only hair (which is a problem in and of itself), but also dander. If you have allergies, this can be tough to manage.
  • Dead skin cells and hair: It’s true—humans shed hair and skin cells, which can make up a considerable portion of the dust that collects inside your home.
  • Textile and paper fibers: Even inanimate objects shed. Textiles and papers can release their fibers, which collect and build up over time.
  • Food particles: No matter how neat you are, dropping food particles is unavoidable.
  • Pollen: Indoors, pollen is a problem. We love plants, but their reproductive systems make a mess. Springtime is especially terrible for pollen, as anyone with seasonal allergies knows. When you track that inside, you can make your dust problem even worse.
  • Soil: Dust contains dirt. Whether it’s distributed by the wind or by someone tracking soil into your home, you’ve probably got more of the outdoors inside your home than you realize.
  • Vehicular matter: Ever see a car release a cloud of black smoke into the air? That doesn’t just disappear—the tiny black particles from exhaust or smoke eventually settle on the ground or other surfaces, and can be carried into your home.
  • Insects: Insects are everywhere, and unfortunately, they leave their body parts all over the place. If that’s not a reason to get out the dust mop, what is?

Cleaning the dust in your home

Dust isn’t just gross—it can also be a breeding ground for insects, make your allergies worse and attract dust mites. When you have excessive amounts of dust in your home, tiny dust mites will come invade your space (including your furniture and mattresses) to feed. Their droppings can cause sickness and spread disease, so it’s important that you maintain a clean home for the sake of your health.

Schedule dust cleaning in Walla Walla County, WA

Now that you know what dust is made of, don’t you want to get rid of it immediately? Call the friendly team at Supreme Cleaning Services. We’ll help you get rid of the dust and dirt lurking in your home so that you can better enjoy your living space. Our cleaning capabilities extend to all rooms, and we can handle any challenge your situation presents. Call us today to schedule your first cleaning appointment.

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