Why Vacuuming Once Per Week Is Important

Why Vacuuming Once Per Week Is Important

April 30, 2020

Vacuuming is one of those chores it’s all too easy to put off until the floors actually look dirty—and even then, you might wonder what the harm is in putting it off just one more day. It turns out that your surroundings can get pretty gross, and occasionally harmful to your health, if you keep skipping out on your vacuuming. Read on to learn about the benefits and importance of vacuuming once per week in Walla Walla, WA, and call Supreme Cleaning Services if you just can’t get inspired to take the Hoover to your floors:

  • Always be ready for unexpected guests: Even if you’re a strict “call before you come over” kind of person, we all deal with unexpected guests once in a while. Having a messy, dirty home is embarrassing and may give the wrong impression. A quick vacuum can tidy the place up and make it look (and smell) fresher.
  • Control your allergies: If you suffer from indoor or outdoor allergies, your carpet can work against you. Pollen, dust, mold spores and pet dander can all collect in your carpet, then get stirred up when you walk across it. One of the biggest vacuuming benefits in Walla Walla County, WA is that it helps keep this issue under control.
  • Get rid of insects in your rugs and carpets: Insects like to burrow in your carpets, especially if left undisturbed. From bed bugs to wool-eating beetle grubs, insects are not only gross, but potentially harmful to your health.
  • Clean up hair and skin cells: Did you know that you shed up to 1 million skin cells per hour? Did you also know that they can mingle with dust and dirt to accumulate and provide food for bugs and microorganisms? If you can’t bring yourself to vacuum for guests, maybe vacuuming to avoid walking on skin cells will inspire you!
  • Keep your floors free of food particles: We all drop food (and we also bet you’ll think twice about the five-second rule after reading all of these facts). But even when you think you’ve wiped up all the food, miniscule particles can remain. These attract bugs and even rodents.
  • Protect yourself from chemical compounds: New carpets can release chemical compounds into the air, which are harmful to your health. Vacuuming once per week helps keep this under control.
  • Stay on top of that cigarette smoke: Finally, if you’re a smoker, be aware that carcinogens from your cigarettes can penetrate your floors and upholstery, which is a cancer risk to you, your children and any pets living with you.

Vacuuming might not be fun, but as you can see, vacuuming has some real importance in Walla Walla County, WA. Supreme Cleaning Services is here for you when you want to leave the vacuuming and other chores to someone else. We offer environmentally-friendly, thorough cleaning services for customers in the greater Walla Walla area, leaving your home or business sparkling and fresh. Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs, your type of building and how we can help.

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