How to Handle a Moldy Bath Mat

How to Handle a Moldy Bath Mat

July 28, 2020

Any Washington resident can tell you that while there are numerous benefits to living in the Evergreen State, a lack of humidity isn’t one of them. Every year, day in and day out, moisture hangs in the air around us. The problem is particularly tough on your bathroom. When you start a shower or a bath, you inject a whole lot of humidity into the air. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay there, and nor does it just disappear. This humidity sinks into the surfaces of your bathroom, and one of its prime targets is your bath mat.

When humid air combines with wet cloth and time, the result is mold and mildew. It could be forming in your bath mat right now. This mold isn’t benign, either—when it has a chance to develop anywhere in your home, mold and mildew can exacerbate allergies and cause disease. And that’s to say nothing of the smell.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of a moldy bath mat in Walla Walla County, WA, or if you already have mold and mildew issues, here are some tips.

Prevention is the best medicine

If you live in a particularly humid environment (like Washington), then you can take some steps after each shower. During your shower, make sure to run your bathroom’s exhaust fan. If possible, you should also open any windows to allow air to flow through the space.

You can also avoid mold growth by washing your bath mat regularly.

Removing mold from a machine washable bath mat

If prevention hasn’t worked and you’re looking at a moldy bath mat in Walla Walla County, WA, you can take steps to remove it. First, determine if your bath mat is machine washable. If it is, place it alone in your washing machine and put it through a gentle wash cycle.

Once you’ve washed the bath mat, you can choose to let it drip dry or put it in your dryer on low heat. It may require several cycles to dry completely.

Removing mold from a non-machine washable bath mat

If your bath mat isn’t machine washable, you may still have some options. Begin by finding a container that is large enough to hold your bath mat, then scrub the mat meticulously until any areas of residue buildup or discoloration are gone. Once you are satisfied that the mold has been removed, you can hang it up and let it air dry.

Cleaning done right

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