Reasons to Pay Attention to Dust Buildup

Reasons to Pay Attention to Dust Buildup

September 2, 2020

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large house, you’re bound to have some dust accumulation somewhere in your home. Dust tends to collect in places you can’t see or reach, like underneath furniture. This is a problem because dust can be incredibly detrimental to your health! Continue reading to learn more about dust and all of the reasons to dust regularly in Walla Walla County, WA.

What’s in household dust?

All of the different components of household dust are what makes it so scary. These are a few of the most common elements scientists have found while researching dust:

  • Pet dander: If you have pets running around the house, you definitely have some pet dander in those dust piles. Although having pet dander and pet hair around isn’t the worst thing, they can make life difficult for anyone with allergies.
  • Dust mites: Where there’s dust, there are often dust mites. Although they don’t bite or sting, dust mites cause problems by leaving behind 100,000 waste particles in a single gram of dust. These waste particles cause allergy problems like watering eyes, runny noses and coughs.
  • Food debris: Even the cleanest chefs and tidiest eaters can leave crumbs behind. These crumbs collect on the floors and eventually wind up as part of the dust in a home. Too many crumbs could result in rodents, ants or other pests inside.
  • Outdoor pollutants: By far, the worst particles in dust are those that are tracked in from outside. It’s not just the dirt that gets trapped in carpets, though—up to 96 percent of shoes contain traces of feces and harmful bacteria and other toxins.

Negative health effects of dust

On top of typical allergies, dust can have a major negative impact on your life and wellbeing. Here are just a few of the scary things that can result from too much dust buildup in your home:

  • Breathing problems: Dust doesn’t just stay on the ground—it floats up in the air, where it can trigger asthma attacks or other breathing issues. This airborne dust often starts in your ductwork, so be sure to have those ducts cleaned regularly!
  • Cancer: From the air we breathe to the water we drink, scientists have determined cancer-causing chemicals and materials are found all around us. Most homeowners don’t expect to find those chemicals in their dust, though. However, dust may contain trace elements of cancer-causing toxins, like asphalt road residue or lawn chemicals.
  • Lead poisoning: Depending on where someone lives, the dust buildup in their home may contain harmful amounts of lead. This is particularly common in areas with a lot of industrial activity, due to emissions from factories and vehicles. Any soil tracked in from the outside could contain lead that causes lead poisoning and neurological conditions in children.

The best way to reduce dust

Cutting back on the amount of dust in your home is easier than you might think. Avoid the negative health effects of dust buildup in Walla Walla County, WA by hiring a professional to clean your home! Professionals ensure your home is spotless without your ever needing to lift a finger.

If you’re worried about the health effects of dust buildup in Walla Walla County, WA, then call our team at Supreme Cleaning Services to clean your home. We provide a variety of residential cleaning services, from standard house cleaning to detailed deep cleans. Reach out to schedule an appointment!

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