Here's the Best Way to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Here’s the Best Way to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

November 25, 2020

The winter holidays are soon to begin, and your cookware will face new demands. Many Walla Walla County, WA households experience that one well-meaning family member who cleans a cast iron skillet the wrong way. While these skillets are nearly indestructible, cast iron skillet care and maintenance is different from what you apply to the usual nonstick cookware. Here are instructions on how to clean cast iron skillets so these pieces last a lifetime:

  • Don’t let it sit: You will have an easier time cleaning cast iron if you do not let it sit after you finish cooking. Soaking it will make it rust. Rather than let it sit or soak, run it under water immediately and start removing surface food with a sponge or paper towel. As all of the food debris loosens, prepare to move into the next steps of cleaning.
  • Grab a brush: Never fear giving your cast iron a good scrub. Add hot water to the skillet and start scrubbing with a stiff brush. Wear gloves or use a brush with a handle if you do not want to burn yourself with the hot water. Never use dishwashing soap or steel wool to remove grease or food. If you have stubborn cooked-on food, make a paste of kosher salt and water, then rinse and wipe with a paper towel. If this method doesn’t work, fill the skillet with water and boil it on the stove. That normally removes the last of whatever sticks around.
  • Dry the skillet: You have two methods to choose from when it comes to drying your skillet. One is to rub it down with towels. Cotton towels especially will dry the skillet quickly and absorb excess moisture. However, if you have many dishes to wash and do not want your skillet to linger with water on it (as that can cause rust), place it on your stove burner set on a low temperature.
  • Oil: This final step is known as seasoning. It preserves the surface of your cookware. Use a paper towel to apply a light coat of vegetable oil. You can also melt shortening in the skillet and rub it in. Some people like to oil the outside of the skillet, too, so if you want extra shine, go right ahead and do that. Buff the skillet to remove any excess.
  • Don’t sweat the mistakes: Eventually, that overly helpful family member or child may give your skillet a good soapy scrubbing, and your first impulse may be to yell at them. Trust us—you don’t need to panic! If this happens, rinse the skillet thoroughly, dry it and then coat it with oil. Heat it on the stovetop for five minutes to set the oil and then let it cool. Now you are back to a seasoned skillet and an opportunity to educate that household member on the proper care of cast iron.

Whether it’s knowing how to clean cast iron skillets or dust those high corners, the team at Supreme Cleaning Services are your residential cleaning experts in Walla Walla County, WA. We know all about cast iron skillet care and maintenance, so our cleaning services can help with this and other challenging kitchen tasks. Call us today to schedule an estimate!

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