Six Tips for Safely Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

Six Tips for Safely Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

November 11, 2020

There are two dangers you face when cleaning light fixtures. One is using a ladder and losing your balance while unscrewing the lightbulb and other parts. The second is burns, because light fixtures often become hot. These dangers are why it’s so important to know how to clean ceiling lights safely in Walla Walla County, WA. Here are six tips for the best method to clean light fixtures while also avoiding injury:

  • Take your time: Never clean your light fixtures if you are in a hurry. That leaves you vulnerable to accidents or breaking your bulbs or fixture parts. Be patient with this process, starting with leaving lights off for one hour before cleaning them. When you start cleaning, take time to carefully remove bulbs and disassemble fixtures. If you need a ladder, make sure it’s in the right place for you to maintain your balance. If you need help, wait until it’s available.
  • Dust regularly: You can cut down on the time needed for deep cleaning if you dust regularly. Dust light fixtures every week. Use a long-handled dusting tool so you can reach all parts, including chandelier pieces and recessed lighting. If you make this a habit, you’ll likely only need to perform deep cleaning once a year.
  • Turn off the electricity: Electric shock is a risk when cleaning light fixtures. This is especially true when you are addressing recessed lighting, which requires contact with wires. Before you start cleaning, leave lights off for an hour and then shut off electricity to that part of your home. At that point, you can carefully remove the bulb and wipe down the interior of the fixture. Once you’re done cleaning, replace the bulb and turn the electricity back on.
  • Take pictures: Elaborate chandeliers should be dusted regularly, but any deep cleaning requires you to take them down. Before you start that process, take pictures of how your chandelier is put together. This will help you reassemble it when you are done cleaning. Once you remove the chandelier, clean it in sections to ensure good coverage.
  • Use gentle products: You don’t need harsh chemicals to clean light fixtures. Mixing ¼ cup of vinegar with three to four cups of water creates an effective cleaner that works well on glass chandeliers. You can also make a cleaning solution out of a few drops of dish soap added to a spray bottle of water. Once you are done, dry the sections with a microfiber cloth. That will simultaneously dry and polish your fixtures.
  • Wipe down bulbs: Don’t forget your light bulbs! However, be sure to remove them from the fixture before you clean. Wipe the dust off bulbs using a microfiber cloth. Keep it dry—otherwise, the heat from the bulb can bake dust onto the surface. Once clean, replace it and enjoy a brighter fixture.

Supreme Cleaning Services in Walla Walla County, WA is here to help you clean your home, business or rental property. The best method to clean light fixtures safely is often outsourcing the job to cleaning professionals, who are quick, thorough and know how to avoid accidents. Call us today to schedule a home cleaning estimate.

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