The Right Way to Set a Table

The Right Way to Set a Table

May 21, 2021

A beautifully set table can set the tone for a delightful meal to come. The excitement of seeing multiple forks, spoons, knives, dishes and glasses for each place setting can have the same effect on our senses as smelling something delicious roasting in the oven. And don’t forget the perfect napkin design!

But wait—should that napkin be in a matching napkin ring instead? Which side does the fork go on? Where should the glasses be placed, and how many should there be? There are many questions that arise when it comes to how to set a table in Walla Walla County, WA. Here are some answers, as well as table setting etiquette.

Setting a formal table

Formal tables always start with a nice tablecloth—after that is where things start to get complicated. Here are some other pieces of a formal table setting for proper table setting etiquette in Walla Walla County, WA:

  • Dinner plate and charger: A charger is a decorative base that sits under the dinner plate. This is the center of the place setting and should be placed directly in front of the chair. The charger is optional but adds a hint of more formality to the setting.
  • Bread plate: This is placed in the top left section of the place setting. If it were to appear on a clock face, it would be between 10 and 11 o’clock.
  • Soup bowl: This is placed on top of the dinner place in the center.
  • Napkin: This goes on the left side of the dinner plate or charger.
  • Forks: Forks always go on the left side, on top of the napkin. Salad forks are to be placed outside of dinner forks.
  • Knife and spoon: The knife and spoon always go on the right side of the plate. The knife should be closest to the plate with the blade facing inward, and the spoon goes on the outside.
  • Butter knife: This is to be placed above the bread plate with the blade facing inward or toward the plate with the handle pointing right.
  • Glasses: There are three glasses that may be used in a formal dinner setting. The water glass should be placed first on the top right of the place setting. The white wine glass should be placed to the right of that, and the red wine glass should be placed to the right of the white wine glass. Left to right should be: water glass, white wine glass and red wine glass.
  • Dessert spoon: This may also be called a teaspoon, and it should be placed directly above the dinner plate or charger with the handle pointing right.

Part of table setting etiquette in Walla Walla County, WA—and everywhere that dinner tables are found—is making sure the table is clean before you start to set it. If you need a helping hand to get the kitchen in top shape before making your beautiful table setting, contact Supreme Cleaning Services today for the best, client-focused cleaning services.

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