What is the Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator?

What is the Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator?

October 1, 2021

Nobody likes to open their refrigerator and just see a mess of stuff. Then you come home from the grocery store and have to shove things out of the way just to make room for a gallon of milk.

If you’re wondering how to organize your refrigerator, you’re not alone. Turns out there actually is a right way to do it. When you figure out how to successfully organize your refrigerator, it won’t just be more convenient and functional—it will also be more aesthetically pleasing.

Read on to find out how to live your best refrigerator life.

What to do before organizing your refrigerator

Before you go rearranging everything, take some time to game-plan. If you mean business about getting your refrigerator organized, here’s what you need to do:

  • Clear out the fridge first: Remove everything from the fridge, so you can give the whole appliance a good cleaning.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces: Fridges are like magnets for sticky messes, which will later become hardened, forgotten messes. Take some all-purpose spray and paper towels, and get to work scrubbing everything down. Remove the drawers, and soak them in soapy water before rinsing them off and putting them back in.
  • Add a deodorizer: If your fridge suffers from unpleasant smells, add an open container of baking soda. This will absorb many of those unpleasant, lingering odors.

Put it all back together

Before you get started, you’ll want a game plan for how to organize your refrigerator. One important thing to remember is that some parts of the fridge are actually warmer than others. For example, the top shelf and door are the warmest areas, whereas the middle and bottom shelves are coldest. This means that items that require colder storage should be placed in the appropriate part of the refrigerator.

Keep items like dairy, eggs and spreads on the upper shelves. Meat and milk should go on the lower shelves  and fruits and vegetables in the crisper. Condiments can go on the door. Once you’ve identified proper places for every item, you can make that return trip from the grocery store go a bit more smoothly.

Get some clear bins

One smart idea is to invest in some clear boxes. These can serve a variety of purposes. For example, you can remove some foods from their packaging and store them in the clear boxes to save space. You can also make an “eat me first” box that includes items with a limited shelf life like ripe avocados and soon-to-expire yogurt.

You can also take perishables like fruits and vegetables and put them front and center in a clear box. This will encourage healthy eating and prevent waste.

The next time you want to successfully organize your refrigerator, consider bringing in a professional cleaning company. Supreme Cleaning Services offers environmentally-friendly cleaning services to residential and commercial customers alike. We tailor our services to each of our clients. Our full-service cleaning involves vacuuming, dusting, detailing and much more. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation.

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