Things You Didn't Know Needed Cleaning in Your Home

Things You Didn’t Know Needed Cleaning in Your Home

November 24, 2021

You sweep your floors regularly, take out the trash and wash the dishes. You always clean the countertops after you cook. You might even remember to use a vacuum attachment for under the couch—but there are things to clean that you never think of.

Here are the leading items to remember when you want to have your house sparkling clean.

Light switches

You probably turn your lights on and switch them off multiple times a day; yet you may rarely clean them. Think about all the germs accumulating on these. Then get a wet cloth, and wipe them down.


Throwing your sheets in the wash is common practice, but did you know that you should do the same for pillows? Once every four months, put them in the washer on the gentle cycle, and do a hot wash. This will get rid of the accumulated sweat and dead skin cells. If you’re having trouble drying the pillows, add a few tennis balls to the dryer to speed up the process.


Maybe you remember to clean the windows themselves, but windowsills are also among the things that need to be cleaned regularly. They collect a lot of dust and moisture, which is likely to lead to bacteria growth and can result in damage. A wet rag will do the trick to keep them clean.

Toothbrush holder

Deep down, you know your toothbrush holder can’t be clean. It’s a spot that contains moisture and more spit than you’d like to imagine. In fact, it could contain harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. To prevent the spread of this bacteria, use an all-purpose disinfectant on your toothbrush holder at least weekly.


We’re constantly opening and closing doors, yet refusing to think about how often we touch doorknobs. Just like light switches, these are magnets for germs. Use a disinfectant spray regularly to keep the doorknobs as clean as possible.

Behind the stove

It’s a pain to move the stove out from the wall—and who knows what you’ll find under there? This is exactly why you should clean behind it regularly. You’ll clear out dust and grease, and (hopefully) you won’t find any pests or insects lurking in the corners.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is a great form of siding because it’s fairly easy to maintain. Occasionally, it’ll need a little more TLC than just a spray down with a hose or pressure washer. Invest in a vinyl siding cleaner to make your home sparkle.

Coffee maker

You likely use your coffee maker every day, but how often do you clean the inside of it? Most coffee makers recommend using a descaler once every couple of months to keep the water lines clean.

If all this cleaning sounds like a lot of time you’d rather spend doing, well, anything else, then Supreme Cleaning Services is here to help. We offer environmentally-friendly cleaning services to both homes and businesses. Give us a call right now to learn how we provide professional-grade cleaning at affordable prices.

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