Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaners

Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaners

January 5, 2022

Cleaning your living space can feel daunting at first, but putting in the work to tidy up your home or apartment can offer a great sense of relief once you’re finished. However, it’s possible that you’re unsatisfied with your current cleaning techniques, or maybe you just want to know what to prioritize when cleaning.

You could probably use some cleaning tips from housekeepers. In the same way you would want a mechanic’s advice on maintaining your car, learning some housecleaners’ tips and tricks could improve your ability to maintain your home.

Here are some cleaning tips straight from professional housekeepers.

Get focused

You’ll clean better and more efficiently if you take steps to limit distractions. Turn off the television, and only use your phone to play music. Some upbeat songs that will get you up off your seat will make cleaning less painful than doing so in silence. For a more mellow cleaning session, you could try listening to a book on tape.

Organize your supplies

Cleaning goes much more quickly when you know where all your cleaning supplies are. One of the main cleaning tips from housekeepers is to use a cleaning caddy. Gather all your cleaning supplies (including microfiber cloths, rags and rubber gloves), and put them in one container.

They sell waterproof, portable shower caddies at most retailers that would be perfect for this purpose. This way, you can carry your supplies around with you to each room instead of having to run up and down stairs because you forgot to bring the shower cleaner upstairs with you.

Use natural light to help you

One of the lesser-known housecleaners’ tips and tricks is to clean during daylight hours. You can begin in the late morning and work throughout the afternoon. Make sure to open the blinds, drapes and curtains, and turn on lights if there’s not enough natural light in the room.

The presence of natural light will highlight dust particles and make it easier for you to see and clean them than if you decided to clean during the evening or late at night.

Make a schedule

Cleaning your living space is a paradox. The more you do it, the easier it gets. If you’ve just finished a cleaning project after not cleaning a certain room for a few months, you appreciate how much more difficult it was to clean said room than if you’d cleaned it every week. Schedule certain areas of the house or apartment to be cleaned on certain days and within particular time frames (i.e., clean the bathroom every week, and clean the living room every two weeks, etc.).

You can also enlist the help of your family or roommates in making the schedule to make sure they’re on board as well. It helps to have certain goals when cleaning (like having your home ready for company at a moment’s notice), so list reasons for doing it, as these will serve as motivation when you don’t feel like cleaning.

Call for cleaning service today

Hopefully, you can use some of these cleaning tips from housekeepers to improve the cleanliness of your home. If, instead of housecleaners’ tips and tricks, you’d prefer a cleaning service to tidy up for you, call us at Supreme Cleaning Services. We have over 25 years of experience in the cleaning services industry, and our licensed professionals would be more than happy to discuss cleaning services with you today.

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