The Best Floor Cleaners

The Best Floor Cleaners

March 8, 2022

Of all the household cleaning tasks you have to complete, it’s likely that cleaning the floors isn’t one of your favorites. All that scrubbing, possibly even on your hands and knees, can be extremely unenjoyable.

However, cleaning your floors doesn’t have to be something you dread. Maybe you just haven’t found the right floor cleaning product for your home. Read on to learn about the best floor cleaning solutions, then gather up the required supplies and get started!

How to pick the right floor cleaning products

When you want to clean your floors, it’s important that you don’t use a chemical cleaner that will leave the floor slick or stinky. You should also avoid using a heavily scented cleaner if anyone in the home has allergies. There are plenty of floor cleaning products on the market that won’t cause any problems for these people and will still do a great job of getting your floors sparkling.

Cleaning products with bleach generally aren’t the best choices for use on tile, stone or wooden floors. These types of cleaners actually can dull finishes and damage grout lines. If you want to clean these floor types with bleach products, you should test them out first in an inconspicuous area.

In addition to avoiding bleach cleaners, don’t pick a floor cleaner with ammonia. The fumes from this chemical can be harmful if you have asthma or other respiratory conditions. In fact, it’s wise never to mix ammonia and chlorine products together, as the mixture will emit hazardous fumes.

What floors can you clean with different floor cleaning products?

There are effective floor cleaning solutions out there for all floor types, including all-purpose cleaners, hardwood floor cleaners and stone/tile cleaners.

Some of these you just apply directly to the floor, while others require being mixed with water for use. Some also come in scented varieties that leave a pleasant smell after you clean.

What floor cleaning supplies do you need?

Once you’ve chosen a product, it’s time to grab your mop and bucket. Add some cleaner to the water in the bucket, swish it around to mix well and apply it to the floor surface with the mop.

If you’re using a bucket and mop to clean your floors, you’ll also need some paper towels or an old cloth towel to dry the wet floor after it’s been cleaned. This will help prevent any problems with your floor becoming dull over time.

Be sure to follow the directions on the floor cleaning product for the best results. If you aren’t sure whether your floor should be cleaned with a wood cleaner or stone cleaner, read the material safety data sheet for that particular product before using it. It will contain all the information you need about using that cleaner and any special precautions to take when using it.

Get help from the experts

While it’s great to be able to clean your floor the old-fashioned way, you might want to consider other options. Hiring a professional cleaning company might be a better choice if you don’t have much time to clean, as they will provide uniform floor cleaning results every time. Supreme Cleaning Services uses the best floor cleaning solutions and supplies to ensure shiny, clean floors for our customers’ homes. Reach out today to learn more!

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