Regular Cleaning That Is Overlooked in the Office Environment

Regular Cleaning That Is Overlooked in the Office Environment

April 8, 2022

Maintaining your workspace clean, organized, and presentable is crucial for you and your employees and critical for customers and partners visiting the place. While tasks such as carpet cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing doors and handles seem like a routine, there are still important ares that are frequently missed when cleaning an office. Some do not require frequent cleaning, but if they aren’t already on your cleaning schedule, you may need to add them to your list next time you schedule for professional cleaning service. Here are the top six we thought you should know about.

1. Beneath the Office Chairs and Desks

Chairs and desks are always upright, making it easier to spot stains on the upper side and overlook the undersides, and a lot of dust ends up settling down there. Some quick cleaning under the chairs and desks will help you get rid of dust to obtain a cleaner, fresher working space.

2. Furniture and Upholstery

Whether you have leather chairs or cozy couches in your lobby, it’s always good to dust and clean them properly. The assumption that they don’t look dirty leads to cleaners neglecting the furniture. The reality is that your couch is still collecting germs and other unwanted particles. Even leather can hold oil and dust. So, next time don’t skip cleaning your office upholstery and leather furniture.

3. Computers

We never pay attention to the amount of dirt that can settle on our computers since they’re always in front of us. The truth is they still collect dust and germs. If you diligently wipe the surfaces below your computers, printers, and monitors, why not carefully dust and clean the device itself as well? You can use an equipment duster to remove dust on the keyboard and other hard-to-reach areas.

4. Light Fixtures and Switches

Many people frequently touch light switches in the office, making them a hotbed for bacteria and germs. Despite the need for daily cleaning, many people often skip or ignore cleaning light switches. They end up accumulating grime, dust, and insects. Light fixtures also require regular cleaning to prevent dirt build-up that could affect their illuminating power.

5. Behind and Beneath Appliances

If you keep large appliances and devices in your office, you may need to pay attention to the spots behind equipment like fax machines, computers, printers, refrigerators, and TVs to ensure they’re not forgotten during cleaning. Such areas also require cleaning as they can harbor dust and other contaminants. Spaces below your microwave can house bacteria, mold, and food particles. Make sure to clean and sanitize them thoroughly every month.

6. Microwave

A dirty microwave can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Food splatters and spills are frequent occurrences, especially if many people use the microwave. If your employees are not always quick to clean up, the dirt can accumulate, resulting in smells. Make a point to clean the space where the microwave sits and the external areas.


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