Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips

August 15, 2022

Keeping your house fresh and clean during those hot, humid summer months can feel challenging. This summer cleaning checklist can help. A clean home doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. When your cleaning jobs are broken down into manageable smaller tasks, it makes the job seem doable and maybe even enjoyable. Keep reading if you have been wondering, "What can help when cleaning my house in the summer?"

Start With Air Filters

Keeping your air conditioner filter changed regularly will make your entire house feel fresh and clean. Dirt, dust, and bacteria can collect in air filters. When filters are full, that dirt, dust and bacteria will start to circulate through your home.

Clean Fans and Set To Reverse

Fans are magnets for dust. This can make life hard for anyone in your home that suffers from allergies. Keep fans properly dusted. Also make sure that the fans are set to reverse to ensure that cold air is being forced down into the living area. This will keep the house cooler all summer long.

Do the Windows

Windows are not usually a favorite chore, but they can have a huge effect on the appearance of your home. When windows are clean and clear, it will allow more light in. This additional light makes everything seem brighter and cleaner. Clean windows also make you feel better about your space.

Clean Window Screens

While you are cleaning the windows, don’t forget about the screens. Screens collect bugs, dirt, and grime over time. If you want to spend any time with your windows open this season, you will definitely want to make sure that the screens are nice and clean.

Clean Out the Fridge

Bacteria grow fast in summer. Even your refrigerator isn’t safe from bacteria. Your fridge needs to be cleaned out often. Be sure to throw out old foods, and rinse down surfaces in side.

Clean Out Freezer

Just like with the fridge, keeping the freezer is also important. Foods can wind up overlooked in the freezer. Throw out old foods and scrape out any built up frost.

Keep Patio Inviting

Summer is the time to be outside. But if your outdoor areas are cluttered and dirty, you may not even want to be there. Be sure to keep clutter from accumulating by throwing things away quickly when not used or by taking items for donation to the right destination quickly. Use a pressure washer to keep surfaces free of dirt, grime, or algae.

Keep Drains Fresh

Drains can get stinky and stagnant during the summer. You can freshen drains buy using lemon juice or vinegar. Sprinkle a little baking powder down the drain as well. The bubbling action will clear away the build-up.

Keep Counters Cleared

You can really make your home appear clean and fresh quickly by keeping counters cleared. First, declutter the area and designate places for all items. This way, as you move through the day, you can replace items in their proper place quickly so that counters do not clutter up. 

Use these summer cleaning tips to keep your home fresh and clean this year. 

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