The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning List

The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning List

August 29, 2022

The bathroom is probably the least favorite room in the house to clean. Why is that? Well, let’s be honest, bathrooms can get pretty gross. The bathroom cleaning chore can be dealt with much more efficiently, though, when you use a bathroom cleaning checklist. Here we have provided that list for you along with tips for cleaning your bathroom. So, if you have been wondering how to clean your bathroom after getting pretty messed up, this list will help. Let’s jump right in.

Get Everything Out

If your bathroom is in need of serious deep cleaning, the first thing you will want to do is take absolutely everything out of the bathroom. This gives you an empty slate to work with. This also gives you a chance to sort and purge stuff from the bathroom that is no longer useful or stuff that is outdated.

Sweep Top To Bottom

You might think sweeping is just for the floors, but your broom is very useful for removing cobwebs from high corners. Dust can even collect in patches along your bathroom walls. Use your broom to dust/sweep the entire bathroom out.

First Layer Bathtub Clean

Use a regular bathtub cleaner to remove the first layer of grime and germs from your tub. Below this first layer, there will also be a layer of soap scum.

Remove Soap Scum

Soap scum is that tacky, gross, sometimes dark-colored build-up that accumulates in your tub. It is difficult to remove and regular tub cleaners don’t touch it. To get soap scum out of your tub you will need to use a soap scum removing spray or a Magic Eraser cleaning pad. This may take some elbow grease, but it’ll be worth it.

Hit Other Surfaces Hard

Disinfect your counters and sink using the bathroom cleaner and rags or a sponge. Tackle the toilet with a disinfecting cleaner. Be sure to pay close attention to the area behind the toilet as this can get really gross too.

Clear Out Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets and drawers will also benefit from a routine purge and cleaning. Be sure to check the dates on medications and cosmetics. These items will expire and should not be used past their expiration date. Organize your cabinets and drawers to maximize space and save time looking for items.

Mop It Out

It’s time to mop the bathroom floor with hot water and disinfect the cleaner. Be sure to get into all of the cracks and crevices where germs and dirt can hide.

Set It Up Fresh

You are now ready to bring all of your items back into the bathroom. This is a good time to evaluate if you need new stuff like a shower curtain, towels, trash can, or soap dispensers. If you really want to spruce up your bathroom, use this opportunity to ditch your old bathroom décor and get fresh new items. This will inspire you to keep the new bathroom clean and lift your mood.

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