Daily Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Tips

November 28, 2022

We all want a sparkling, fresh bathroom, but who has the time? Can you believe that you can actually keep your bathroom clean in as little as five minutes a day? When you use an effective bathroom cleaning checklist, you can really streamline this chore for great results. By simply using a few daily bathroom cleaning tips, your bathroom can stay clean and fresh every day. Keep reading to learn more about bathroom cleaning habits. 

Stay Stocked Up

It is really important that you always stay stocked up on cleaning supplies. If you need to clean the bathroom and then discover that you are out of supplies, guess what? You’re not going to clean the bathroom that day. These seemingly small hurdles can really stop a good bathroom cleaning routine. Keep your bathroom cleaning supplies stocked up and accessible.

Stay Organized

Establishing a place for all of your bathroom items is an important step in creating an ongoing cleaning routine. Once you have determined where items will live in your bathroom, be sure to always put them back in their spot after use.

You can enhance your organizational efforts by using tools such as trays, baskets, and shelving.

Rinse Sink

This sounds like a really small step, but it will make a huge difference in how your space feels and looks. Simply rinse out the sink after every use. This will keep the sink sparkling and help to inspire you to keep the entire space tidy and clean to match.

In addition to rinsing after use, be sure to disinfect once a week too.

Keep Counters Wiped Down

Just like with the sink, you can improve your bathroom space tremendously by keeping counters wiped down. Counters can collect a lot of dirt and grime throughout the day. Keep disinfecting wipes handy so you can wipe down the entire counter once or twice a day, depending on how many people use it.

Prevent Soap Scum

Multitask during your shower time to prevent soap scum. You can really cut down on the accumulation of soap scum by simply keeping a mini squeegee in your shower. After you shower, even before you hop out, use the squeegee to wipe down your shower walls. This will remove residue. If this residue isn’t removed on a daily basis, it will harden into soap scum. Once it hardens, soap scum is difficult to remove and often requires the use of harsh chemicals.

Clean the Toilet Daily

Cleaning a toilet bowl is not time intensive. If you get into a routine of cleaning the bowl once a day, you can literally complete the task within a few minutes. Simply make it part of your morning routine to douse your toilet bowl with cleaner before your brush your teeth. Let the cleaner sit and disinfect while you brush your teeth. Then swipe it out with a brush. You’ve cleaned the toilet in the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth. It often helps get tasks done more easily when you think of the task as simply a part of another routine instead of a chore in and of itself.

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