Why It Is Important To Always Dust Your Furniture

Why It Is Important To Always Dust Your Furniture

December 26, 2022

Are you wondering how to dust your home properly? Not only should dusting be done correctly, but it should also be done on a regular basis for many important reasons. The goal of dusting is to keep it from reappearing for a long while. Read on to learn why you should dust regularly and the importance of dusting.

The Importance of Dusting

There are several reasons why you should dust on a regular basis. Dust contains a lot of particles such as hair, skin cells, and pet dander. Bugs can even live in dust, so it is important that you eliminate it before it has the chance to really build up and turn into dust bunnies.

Dusting is important for many reasons. It can reduce allergies and sicknesses such as eye irritation, sneezing, and coughing. Dusting can even cause hay fever and worsen asthma if you already have it. Dust can really make your furniture look ugly, so do your best to eliminate it so your beautiful furniture pieces can continue to glow.

The Best Methods for Removing Dust

Now that you know the importance of eliminating dust and doing it on a regular basis, here is the proper way to remove dust. Begin by removing all items on the furniture that you are going to be dusting. Furniture should be dusted one piece at a time.

The best tool to use when dusting is a dusting cloth. Wipe down the furniture really well. Dusting cloths are microfiber cloths designed to attract particles while dusting so they stick easily. Microfiber cloths won’t cause particles to fly in the air or leave behind residue.

Don’t forget to dust all items that were sitting on the furniture. Be sure to dust each piece separately using a different microfiber cloth.

Finally, don’t forget to clean the area around your furniture to ensure that dust isn’t anywhere else. You can use a vacuum on carpets or a broom for the floors.

Other Dusting Tips

Avoid dusting only when you notice it has become noticeable. Instead, dust on a regular basis. You can dust every week or every couple of weeks. Don’t forget to dust under the beds, along the windowsills, door frames, and behind the furniture.

Furthermore, you should dust areas in your home that tend to accumulate dust more quickly, such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The best tips to prevent dust are:

  • Sealing your vents, windows, and doors
  • Putting a doormat outside that will trap dirt from shoes
  • Avoid walking around your home with shoes
  • Consider using an air purifier to trap dust particles
  • If you have pets, keep them well-groomed
  • Avoid too much clutter since dust can stick to anything and everything

Finally, never put off dusting because it irritates your allergies. Not dusting at all will worsen your allergies. In these types of situations, you can always wear some protective clothing while you are dusting.

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