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How to Keep Pet Dirt and Dust to a Minimum

June 19, 2019

Everyone knows that owning a pet isn’t easy. There’s a lot of care, money, time and attention that goes into keeping our furry friends healthy and happy. One often-overlooked aspect of pet ownership is the amount of dust, hair and dander that pets release into our living spaces. Even the... View Article

How Dust Affects Electronics

June 5, 2019

Everyone knows that water and fluids spell certain doom for most electronics. Fewer people, however, are aware of the risks that dust can pose to their electronic equipment. Everything from your refrigerator to your smart phone could be adversely impacted by the presence of dust. Over time, dust can make... View Article

Do You Know How to Sniff Out Cheater Cleaners?

May 6, 2019

Just like in any industry, all cleaners aren’t created equal. Some cleaning companies are much more dependable, trustworthy and fair than others. The worst cleaners, though, are “cheaters.” They charge you for an honest day’s work and only do part of the job. Continue reading to learn a few of... View Article