How Often Should You Clean Your Home

How Often Should You Clean Your Home

February 6, 2023

Let’s be honest, cleaning the house is no one’s favorite thing, but we all know it must be done. To keep a house tidy, it helps to have a good understanding of what needs to be cleaned and when. Everything doesn’t need cleaning every day. Feeling like you must clean everything every day will drive you crazy, and ironically, the important stuff will actually get passed over.

A more efficient way to clean is to set up a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, and annual cleaning schedule. It may take a little bit of time investment at first to set up your schedule, but once it is set, you will just refer to it quickly each week, and you will know exactly what needs to be done that week.

So, if you have been wondering, “How often should I clean my house?” or “How often should I clean certain rooms in my house?” this quick guide will help you get started.


The daily cleaning tasks are really the easiest to remember because these are the tasks that will most affect your day-to-day functionality in the home. Most people do not struggle too much with these.

Kitchen- If the kitchen has been used throughout the day to prep food or used during meals, you will need to clean it. First, clear the counters and tables of dishes, trash, or items that don’t belong there. Disinfect the counters with a kitchen cleaner and sponge/cloth. Wash dishes or load the dishwasher. Gather trash from cans, dispose of it, and put in a new liner. Sweep up the floor.


Depending on how many people are in your home and how active everyone is, these rooms may need more or less attention.

Bathrooms – Clear trash, dirty clothes, and items that don’t belong, sweep, and disinfect. Mirrors if needed.

Living areas – Clear trash and items that don’t belong and vacuum.

Bedrooms – If bedrooms are tidied up by the owner every day, they usually will not need much attention on a weekly basis.


Once a week, you should consider disinfecting high-touch areas. This includes door knobs, light switches, cabinets, and closet doors.

The bathroom will need a deep clean once a week, which will include cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the shower or bath, disinfecting counters with all items removed from the counter, and moping.


Again, depending on how active your home is these items need to be done every few weeks.

  • Mopping all the floors
  • Dusting
  • Fridge
  • Closet tidying
  • Patio/porch clean up
  • Microwave


These items can be cleaned every few months.

  • Baseboards
  • Ceiling fans
  • Windows
  • Oven
  • Closets
  • Pantries


Focus on these items annually.

  • Curtains
  • Light fixtures
  • Cabinet doors
  • Outdoor furniture

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